thin vs flat hdmiFlat vs Thin HDMI Cables

Flat HDMI cables are exactly what they sound like. They are flat cables. They are especially useful when your DVD and satellite equipment are not right under your TV. They can run underneath the carpet easily and will not cause any kind of bubble or[…..]

hdtv-slimWhat TV Should I Buy?

My friend asked me the following question, “I am buying a new HDTV for our main room, what should I buy?” My first response was a couple of questions back: How much do you want to spend? How big of[…..]

sony-blu-ray-with-wifiSony Blu-ray DVD Player With Wi-Fi Review

I just bought the Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray DVD player. I previously had a Toshiba up-converting HMDI DVD Player and was very happy with it, but it seemed time to buy a Blu-ray player. The cost for Blu-ray has come down[…..]

hdmi-switch-boxWhat Is A HDMI Switch Box?

It is common to have mutliple HDMI devices such as a HDMI DVD player, Game Console, Satellite receiver, and a Roku Box. However, you may have more devices than HDMI inputs on the back of your HD Television. A HDMI Switch[…..]

moviesGood Movies To Watch

There are a lot of movie review sites, but sometimes I want to watch a good movie that is not a new release or a top blockbuster. The question, “Is there a good method or website that will help find[…..]

hdmi-cableCheap HDMI Cable; Where Do I Buy One?

I just bought a new Blu-ray DVD Player. It did not come with a HDMI cable, but it only came with a composite cable. I wonder how many people connect their new Blu-ray player to their HDTV with composite and[…..]

NetflixHow to rent Blu-ray DVDs on Netflix


satellite and cable are expensiveGetting Rid of Satellite or Cable; Is it Time?

I think paying $60 a month to watch 3 or 4 channels is too expensive. However, there is no cable or satellite provider that allows you to “pay per channel.” Wouldn’t that be nice! The traditional business plan is to[…..]

External Hard Drive For DVRRecording To An External Hard Drive

People that are hard core about not missing their favorite television programs realize the need for a back up of their DVR. Recorded television programs can become lost when a DVR malfunctions or needs to be upgraded or replaced. One[…..]

fullscreen-widescreenWidescreen and Fullscreen TV Formats

Sometimes your TV picture will seem stretched which causes things to look fat. Most likely this is because you have the wrong TV format for the channel or program you are watching. Here are some details on widescreen and fullscreen[…..]

external hard driveConnecting An External Hard Drive To A DISH Network DVR

Instructions for the DISH Hopper HD DVR Adding an external hard drive to the DISH Hopper is a piece of cake. This will allow you to have additional space and move recorded shows to your external HD. There is no[…..]

1080i vs1080p1080i vs 1080p

1080p is better than 1080i, but can you tell the difference? The difference between 1080i and 1080p is more than just one letter. The i stands for “interlaced” and the p stands for “progressive”. Picture your screen as 1080 horizontal[…..]

Component To Composite VideoComponent to Composite Video

Recently we have been asked how to connect a component video output (Red, Green, Blue) to a composite video input (Yellow). The answer is a Component to Composite Video Down Scaler. This  adapter converts the component output of a DVD player (could also be[…..]

Surge ProtectorDo I Need a Surge Protector for my TV or DVD Player?

I remember when I bought my first expensive TV and the salesman pushed an expensive $150 Monster surge protector on me. Do you  really need a surge protector? If so, can you buy the $9 version or do you need the expensive[…..]

Optical Digital Analog OutputWhat Is An Optical Cable Connection?

There are several options in connecting your sound system to your DVD player or Satellite receiver. One of these connections is optical audio. You may be asking yourself, “What is an optical connection, and is it better than the digital coax[…..]