1080i vs 1080p

1080i vs1080p1080p is better than 1080i, but can you tell the difference? The difference between 1080i and 1080p is more than just one letter. The i stands for “interlaced” and the p stands for “progressive”. Picture your screen as 1080 horizontal lines numbered starting with 1 at the top and 1080 ending at the bottom line of the screen. Interlace is where 540 lines are displayed every other frame, the odd numbered lines followed by a picture that shows the even lines. This process is so quick you only see a complete picture. While the progressive version will show all 1080 lines every single frame creating a smoother image, especially during fast moving scenes.

Most High Definition content that is broadcast over the satellite or cable television is 1080i. In order to receive 1080p you need a Blu-Ray DVD player, a Blu-Ray Disc, or an upgraded broadcast such as “On Demand”. As for me, I am very happy with 1080i and I find it very enjoyable to watch.


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