Mike and Molly TV Show

Mike and Molly TV Show

First Aired: September 20, 2010 on CBS

Starring: Billy Gardell as Officer Mike Biggs, Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn, Reno Wilson as Officer Carl McMillan, Katy Mixon as Victoria Flynn, Nyambi Nyambi as Samuel, Swoosie Kurtz as Joyce Flynn, Cleo King as Grandma, Louis Mustillo as Vince, and Rondi Reed as Peggy.

Mike and Molly are a couple who know they are fat and yet are still comfortable with who they are and their relationship. Both of them know that being overweight isn’t the best thing for them, so they address this fact in every show using the Overeaters Anonymous angle. To sum up the writing, it’s about fat people in love. This is the big idea that is the catalyst for the show, and after the fluff, the storyline is simple. The show is a sweet romance between a police officer and teacher from Chicago.

Mike and Molly

USA Today While many of the weight jokes are very funny, there are a few too many of them. Still, what matters most for the show’s future health is that it does not define Mike and Molly as “fat.” They’re nice, normal, relatable people who eat too much and want to eat less. Robert Bianco

The NY Times The sane and well-meaning series Mike & Molly (executive produced by Chuck Lorre, a creator of “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory”) begins on CBS on Monday. A comedy about life lived not in the low triple digits of the bathroom scale, this is network television of the old school. Ginia Bellafante

The Los Angeles Times Many of those gags are mechanical and flat, although they are delivered as though they were not. But when the leads are focused on each other, size no longer matters and the show flickers to life. Robert Lloyd

Pop Matters Frankly, the premiere’s funniest don’t focus on weight (these are also the lines featured most frequently in trailers, suggesting that someone is aware of the line the fat jokes are walking). Let’s hope for a time-soon-when Mike & Molly runs out of fat jokes and moves on to explore the dynamics of two people falling in love while working to overcome personal demons. Michael Abernethy

Watch Mike & Molly – Full Episodes, Clips and Behind the Scenes The official Site of Mike and Molly.


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