It started when I found myself muting every television commercial. As an electrical engineer I created, tested, and developed an electronic device that automatically blocked the sound and put up a black-box on the television screen during commercial advertisements. Several units were built and sold. Sales were doing quite well. As digital video recorders (DVRs) became more ubiquitous, the need for a commercial blocking device became less needed as DVRs can skip past commercials. Therefore, I made the decision to stop production of the device which was called the TVBlanket. The name originally stood for throwing a “blanket” over the TV during commercials.

Original TvBlanket Device

During this business adventure I learned quite a bit about everything and anything related to television. I started writing articles and ideas about television and improving home entertainment. I try to write interesting articles with some fun ideas on how to get more from your television.

TVBlanket also offers answers to specific questions on several topics. Check out the bottom of every article page and look for specific questions with answers. You may find the exact issue you are trying to resolve. If you can not find a specific answer then submit a new question.

TVBlanket was the first and original site owned by Crop Technologies. Since then we have expanded and have created two additional websites. One is a vacation website for the Big Island of Hawaii and highlights seven perfect days on the Big Island of Hawaii. My Big Island Vacation also includes personal experiences on how best to enjoy activities on the Big Island. The second site is a knowledge sharing site written by Moms. The idea is that mothers know quite a bit about purchasing, using, and reviewing everything. A Mom Knows is written by mothers and shares a wealth of information.

2 Responses to About

  1. Lorelei Hazard says:

    The passcode for my Sony Bravia TV doesn’t work what can I do. It will not let me enter the number 7.

  2. Ed Carter says:

    Looking for the way to unlock a COBY TF-DVD1591 LCD TV with built in DVD player. Someone put a lock code in and I need to reset the code.

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