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  1. Randy says:

    I have an Element 32″ tv my folks gave me. They bought a bigger tv and gave me this one. When I got it home, plugged it in, hooked up my cable and all I get is a blue screen that says HDMI2. I go into the menu and it goes from display, audio, settings, then back to display?? It skips the lock and tv icon. I did some research and I think they pass worded it. They don’t remember ( they’re on in years, bless them). Is there anything I can do to reset the tv to original?

  2. john mtenga says:

    hi.. i am having a problem with my led tv, all i can do is turn it off/on. it only shows ‘no signal’ even if it has antenna connceted when im trying to click other buttons except power it says ‘key lock’. i also lost my remote so i cant do anything with my tv.. could you help me with this

  3. KAMRAN MAZHAR says:

    I have an old CRT TV connected to my DVD player through which i recieve Freeview TV. However, in the past i have used very good Component Video Leads to get the best pic from this analogue set. The problem i have now is…

    The Component ports at the back of my DVD player do not work so i am just using a half decent Scart Lead. This pic is noticeable weaker. Repairing the DVD player is not cost effective.

    How best can I use my Comp Leads again to get the best pic again?

    Buy an old Analogue Freeview Box with Comp Lead output?

    Or get another similar DVD player with Freeview built in?

    Many Thanks

  4. Sasha says:

    I have an old tv which I don’t have the remote control and it plays VHS tapes, I plan to use it for my girls room. I bought a dvd player however it doesn’t have the video button on the tv but on the back it does have a place marked as video so I believe I have that option. Is there a way to watch dvds on this tv?

  5. Brenda says:

    We have inadvertently forgotton the passcode for our toshiba 42C3000A hope you can hell.

  6. how to keep people from connect ing computers an phones an Xbox to the tv

  7. how to unloAck my g-hanz lcd tv/monitor model no:ALEXIUS LCD51-1407

  8. valentino says:

    I have a spectre TV, and I can’t remember the parental code. I tried 0000,1111,1234. Please help asap

  9. ajeshni says:

    hello i have sharp brand tv n its locked. it want input password. can i know the 4 digits password

  10. I am having a problem with Directv my Directv keeps going up each month this bill was $422.78 and that is no movies being ordered , I have all of my Bank Statements to show them because I thought they were receiving the payment each month and trying to hook me, How can I switch to Dish Network

  11. Sam says:

    I am trying to connect a new DVD (replacement) Player to an old TV monitor that does not have HDMI, so I purchased a HDMI to Component RCA (RED, BLUE AND GREEN) cable to transfer the video signal, while the Audio signal goes to the receiver, just as it was done before the new DVD player. I do get the Audio but TV Monitor shows no signs of receiving a video signal.

    Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

  12. Nick Lightyear says:

    I had my Sony DVD player connected to my Dynex TV (Red, White, Yellow cords)and had it working fine. A disc was inserted improperly and every disc after read “Insert Disc”. I then disconnected the DVD player and hooked it back up, but it now gave me a “No Signal” error. I tried hooking up a different DVD player to it with the same “No Signal” error. I then tried using different set of cables but am still getting the “No Signal” error. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Tommy binns says:

    I have just bought a parasonic DMR EX77EB unable to get any sound on my LG TV

  14. kavya says:

    i have an sony bravia LCD tv set and i have forgotten my parental lock password.please help me,i cant’ programme my channel.

  15. Erin smith says:

    How do I unlock a Sanyo TV model number do dp24e14 year 2001 I have no remote used universal to do factory reset but TV still shows enter password than under that says input is blocked than under that clear and 4 spaces to put numbers in but on universal r re mote I can not type numbers

  16. Maulik Chavda says:

    I have LG LED TV and Videocon D2H HD STB. Both connected through HDMI Cable. Whenever I switch on or off light or fan than there is blackout for few seconds in TV. This problem started since when I started using STB. I have tried using another STB also thought same problem persist. Please advise possible solution for this.

  17. Denise says:

    Is there a way to set up time restrictions on use for kids. To block them from using TV during certain hours?

  18. Denise says:

    we have a vizio tv. It is a little older maybe five years. Is there a way to set times that allow/ block kids from being on it. I other words I would like the tv to turn off at 9 pm and not be able to come back on to manage use by kids. Is there a way to do this with some password setting like thru parental control settings?

  19. Shari Leann Nolen says:

    I have a RCA RC5240P DVD player. The foster children I had put in a parental control number and now I can’t play anything more than PG13 movies. How do I reset it to factory defaults? Thank you for your help.

  20. Darlene Kelly says:

    I currently have DISH. They have been going up and up in price where I am just tired of paying $112.00 for tv only. Now, for the second time this year, my receiver has gone out. The first time, it was due to a “hard drive crash.” Now, with the “new” one, it tells me that my receiver is 174 degrees. I unplugged it because I thought it might catch on fire. That tells me that a fan has gone out and the receiver is overheating.

    All that being said, I really hate losing all of my stored programs in the DVR. Is it possible to get an external storage that will work with both Dish AND Directtv? I do not want to buy one to transfer programs from my DISH DVR and not able to transfer it onto my DirectTv DVR.

    I appreciate any help on your expertise.

    Thank you,

  21. ken greenalgh says:

    how to unlock a Westinghouse model #LD-2240

  22. Treas says:

    I had my Samsung TV/Monitor connected to my computer w/ a HDMI cable and it worked fine for several months, but recently I have picture, but no sound. If I use the serial port cable it I have both pic and sound. I tried replacing the HDMI cable w/ a new one…it didn’t make any difference. The picture is incredible w/ the HDMI cable vs the serial, so I would really like to figure this out!

  23. Ally says:

    I’m trying to set my DVD player up,but I also have foxtel,can u please help as I like to record to and I carnt

  24. Chiquita hill says:

    I accidentally locked my Vizio tv without using a lock code while trying to change tv inputs. Now when I turn the tv on it turns right back off again. How do I remedy this?

  25. I have a 9 month old LG HDTV. The manufacturer replaced the board that houses the optical port and HDMI ports. Now, I have no signal from the #1 port and have tried three different HDMI cables. The HDMI #2 port works fine with all three cables. Frustrated…Can you help??

  26. Dave says:

    Hi –

    I just bought a Blu Ray player and hooked it up to my TV with the HDMI cable. Picture looks great. For audio: My receiver is probably 15 years old and does not have an HDMI input. What would you suggest?

    Is there any reason to hook anything up to my cable box?


  27. Chris says:

    I have a 2014 rca led65g55rizoq that has a lost parental pass code. I have searched the webb and the owners manual with little success. please help..

  28. Rodney Steven Freeman says:

    My son set a pin code on his tv and forgot now i cant reprogram his channels can you help me reset it please. He has a Toshiba 24inch

  29. I purchased a Universal Studio DVD, Spotlight Series, Focus Feature, “Burn After Reading”. After loading the disc into my DVD player, the message appeared that directed me to enter the Parental Level Password. Since this was the first time I ever loaded the disc, I have no idea what the password is. There is nothing relating to passwords on the packaging or the disc. Is this some kind of scam on Universal’s part? How does one go about finding a password for a never used DVD disc? Any help regarding this goofy protocol would be greatly appreciated. If there is no way of obtaining a password, I would like the contact info for Universal’s costumer service dept.
    Thanks in advance for any time and effort you spend on this.
    Highest regards, Andy

  30. john donnelly says:

    how can i unlock a “protected” matsui tv model no. one remembers the code.

  31. MATTHEW MARTIN says:


  32. Kellie says:

    I have an RCA tv and the front panel is locked and I dont have the password for parental control. How can I unlock both of these….Please Help!

  33. John Baraniuk says:

    my question is I have a bose surround sound and lg flat screen hdtv I just bought a Magnavox hdd dvd recorder with digital tuner I have all the necessary cables and hook ups. My question is why I have sound and picture on my tv but when I use dvd player I have a picture but no sound?
    Hopefully you can help
    Thanks John

  34. john says:

    ive tried the master codes none of them locked in parental Toshiba MD13N1-P tv I tried v-chip and parental none of the three codes worked for Toshiba.does anyone know what I could solve this with I cant play my dvd player connected to the tv

  35. Eric Bayless says:

    I have a Vizio smart tv, model number E3DB420VX, serial number JXQK39DM03957. My ex-wife set up the parental control lock code and now she can’t remember what it was, can you help me out?

  36. Harry Watson says:

    Is Jason still there? He does not appear to have answered a question since January the 8th 2013 according to this screen!

    • Jason says:

      Yes, but it has been a while. In reference to your question below. Yes, if you are only using your TV speakers a sound bar will improve the sound. Yes, they are very easy to install. You can use a digital (or optical) connection for best sound. Otherwise you can use RCA (white and red) analog connections. Good luck!

  37. Harry Watson says:

    Would fitting a soundbar to my panasonic TV improve the sound output, I struggle to hear it sometimes, especially film soundtracks. Are they easy to install? What is the best kind of connection? My TV has several outlets of various kinds, ie optical, red and white audio, hdmi etc.etc.

  38. Dick J. says:

    I have a Samsung 5000 series LED TV. Recently all four HDMI ports failed to recognize my equipment and I receive a “No Signal” message. Using the component jacks provide a high quality picture, however; I’m wondering if and how I can connect the HDMI cables from my DVD Player, Digital Video Camera, and Verizon set top box to the RBG jacks.

  39. diana says:

    My granddaughter who is 3 has set the parental controls on our harier tv do u no the codes to unlock it???

  40. Tim Clifton says:

    Finally invested in Sony STR-DN840 A/V Receiver, new speakers, the works. Got all hooked up and the audio works great on all sources: blu-ray, Dish DVR, CD ETC. Video works on blu-ray only…..does not work for Dish. So great TV audio now, but no video. Checked all input/source settings, connections, etc. There is no picture whether I use HDMI or A/V connections.
    After trying everything I am now sitting here watching TV AROUND the new A/V receiver. (Connected directly from Dish receiver to TV.)
    Wondered if its a bad HDMI cable but its new out of the box and the audio works fine.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated

  41. alison willington says:

    how can i unlocked my beovision 7 tv which is locked with pincode?

  42. eric says:

    Have a Lexsor LC32WL8SD with parental lock on, do you have the code to cancel this. Thanks/

  43. Felix Akorlor says:

    i bought a new LG but almost all of the interesting Channels are Scrambled! Please help me Fix it. Thank you!!!

  44. fred says:

    I have an AUCMA tv set and i have forgotten my remote control password.Please assist me, i can’t programme any channel.

  45. Charles M.J says:

    Help me with the SHARP TV PASSWORD
    MODEL 21S-FX10A
    SERIAL NO. C807527174
    It was accidentally locked by a child and i do not know the password to enter for it to unlock.Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

  46. Nanda says:

    I have a Sony TV, and have forgotten my password for the parental lock. I’ve tried the master pass word but it hasn’t worked. what can i do?

  47. David Phillips says:

    Whats happened to Jason. Why no answer to my question?

  48. David Phillips says:

    Can anyone help me. I am thinking of buying a soundbar but am having difficulty re connection. Currently I have a 40”Sony Tv, model KDL40s4000, and a Sony Blu Ray player, model BDP-S370/S373and a SKY+ HD box which are connected to the TV by HDMI cables (not arc). My TV has a free HDMI In input (again not ARC) but does not have an optical input. Three Major retailers have told me that as I cannot use an optical cable and my TV is not HDMI arc supported there is no way I can connect a soundbar. To me this seems strange but I am totally not technically minded. Any ideas. thanks

  49. Diddly poo says:

    I have two questions. I have an old dvd home theater system (Pioneer xv-htd520). It still works like a charm so I feel no need to upgrade the entire system just yet, so if I buy a blu ray player by itself, can I connect it to my home theater system and use the surround (5.1 possible or no)? Second question: If I can’t do that, is there any OTHER way I can play around with it and connect the blu ray player through my hd tv (barely 2 years old) and hear it through my home theater system somehow? I ask because I know I can connect my cable box to my speakers and use it to hear TV (never tried it yet but I know I can). Sorry if I confused you. Thank you in advance.

    • Jason says:

      Yes, you can use your Pioneer home theater system as a stand alone sound system. I looked online and it appears that the pioneer home theater system has a digital coax input. This will allow you to connect your a Blu-ray DVD player digital output to your sound system. You will have to select (or change) the input to accept the digital input. Good luck.

  50. binu says:

    I am unable to switch on my philips 42″ (PFL 7762D/12). The red light beacomes blue and after a bit the screen says ‘locked’. (It has child lock and I am unable to unlock it)

  51. Carolyn says:

    I have an upconvert dvd player and a 27 inch Durabrand (CRT TV ) plus a surround sound AIWA that my son set up for me. I just bought a d-link DSM-310 streaming player for netflix etc. I hooked it up with av plug ins but was wondering if I could buy a hdmi cable and hook it up to the dvd player and the back of the d-link player so I can get surround? Also, noticed the dvd player has a regular hdmi size slot, and the d-link has a very tiny hdmi slot. What kind of hdmi cable do I buy? I plan on buying it on ebay because have had good buys there

    • Jason says:

      As far as the HDMI cable goes, from what I can see it is a standard HDMI output. Try putting a standard HDMI cable into it, I’m pretty sure you are fine. As for if you are able to hook up your D-link through your DVD player it depends. Does your DVD player have an HDMI input (not just an HDMI output)? If so, then yes, you may hook the output of the D-link, into the input of your DVD player/receiver. Then you should be able to navigate the menu on your DVD player in order to find the correct output to view on your television.

  52. Norma Yaris says:

    I just found an old TV nearby the garbage in our building. 1999,Panasonic, Model: CT-27SF25W.

    How will I reset the unlock master codes of the TV?

    • Jason says:

      I have tried to find your master codes, but have been unable so far. I will keep looking, anyone out there with this Panasonic Model and an owner’s manual that could answer this question?

  53. gerry willan says:

    can we hook-up satellite to cable coax?

    • Jason says:

      Yes, you can run a satellite signal through your existing cable coax. Of course you will need a satellite dish and receiver equipment.

  54. cindy says:

    I have an older tv with only coax connection and a new dvd recorder with only HDMI output. Is there an adapter to connect them?

    • Jason says:

      Are you sure that your new DVD recorder does not have an RCA connect (Red, White, Yellow)? If it does, then your answer is simple, buy an RF Modulator. This is a relatively cheap option and will get the job done. Converting an HDMI connection to a coax connection can cost hundreds of dollars and is probably not worth it.

  55. Simon says:

    We bought a home entertainment system from the previous owner of our house – its all fully wired through the wall and floor but most of the kit is a good 5-6 years old. However, if possible I don’t want to mess about with any additional cables. Our DVD player is struggling and we want to replace it with a Blu-ray player, but I’m concerned we won’t be able to maximize the benefit of upscaling DVD’s etc, based on the cables that are currently plugged into the back of the DVD player. There’s a SCART, a ‘digital out Coaxial’ cable and two connectors into Audio out (red and white). Will this be sufficient to get the most out of a new Blu-ray player and will all current machines have these connections?

    • Jason says:

      Unfortunately you will not get any benefit from SCART as it only carries standard television. To take advantage of Blu-ray you need an HDMI (or component video) cable. Upgrading would not add any better picture quality with your current SCART cable connection. That is too bad.

  56. Mark19067 says:

    Is there a TV that has a built in parental control timer? This would make it so much easier than having to buy a seperate timer! It would just turn off the TV & there would be no acess to cable or video console.

    • Jason says:

      I have not found a television that has the parental control timer built in. I do know that Directv and Dish Network both have the parental control timer built in to the satellite, but only on their HD receivers. It is a timed duration setting, once that time goes out then the satellite turns off. Unfortunately, this will not help in regards to the video game console, and Wii does not support this feature. The X-Box 360 does have this feature. Looks like if you want to stop the video games you will need a seperate timer.

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