thin vs flat hdmiFlat vs Thin HDMI Cables

Flat HDMI cables are exactly what they sound like. They are flat cables. They are especially useful when your DVD and satellite equipment are not right under your TV. They can run underneath the carpet easily and will not cause any kind of bubble or[.....]

hdmi-switch-boxWhat Is A HDMI Switch Box?

It is common to have mutliple HDMI devices such as a HDMI DVD player, Game Console, Satellite receiver, and a Roku Box. However, you may have more devices than HDMI inputs on the back of your HD Television. A HDMI Switch[.....]

hdmi-cableCheap HDMI Cable; Where Do I Buy One?

I just bought a new Blu-ray DVD Player. It did not come with a HDMI cable, but it only came with a composite cable. I wonder how many people connect their new Blu-ray player to their HDTV with composite and[.....]

Component To Composite VideoComponent to Composite Video

Recently we have been asked how to connect a component video output (Red, Green, Blue) to a composite video input (Yellow). The answer is a Component to Composite Video Down Scaler. This  adapter converts the component output of a DVD player (could also be[.....]

Optical Digital Analog OutputWhat Is An Optical Cable Connection?

There are several options in connecting your sound system to your DVD player or Satellite receiver. One of these connections is optical audio. You may be asking yourself, “What is an optical connection, and is it better than the digital coax[.....]

iPad HDMI adapterConnecting iPad To Your TV Using HDMI Adapter

I bought an HDMI adapter for the iPad (I have an iPad 2). It is only about 5 inches in length and simply connects to the port located on the bottom of the iPad converting that port into an HDMI[.....]

HDMI To Component Video AdapterHow To Convert HDMI To Component Video

So… You have a brand new Blu-Ray DVD player that only has an HDMI output and crummy composite video (single yellow RCA jack). You have a HD television with only composite video input and component video input. What do you[.....]

Digital vs Analog AudioDigital vs Analog Audio Sound

Many may not know what the difference is between digital and analog (RCA white and red) audio sound. You may have purchased a new DVD player or TV and wondered which audio cable you should use. First off, both digital audio out[.....]

hdmi cableHow Do I Tell If A HDMI Cable Is Bad?

HDMI cables can go bad. The most common place for a problem is a bad connection between the cable and the device. This is especially true if you are plugging and uplugging the cable regularly. Here are a few suggestions[.....]

RF ModulatorRF Modulator

What is an RF modulator? I have been asked this question a few times so I decided to write up a description on what a RF modulator is and how to connect your DVD player or video game system to[.....]

HDMI and component videoHDMI vs Component

Which is better, HDMI or component Video? I get asked this question a lot! Here are a few details on the differences between HDMI and component video cables and which is better….

HDMI CableBest HDMI Cable

Shopping for a new HDMI cable? Wondering what is the best HDMI cable? You may be asking yourself whether the more expensive gold-plated HDMI cables are better than the cheaper HDMI cables?…

hdmi cableHDMI Cable Length

If you are planning out a new HDTV setup and want to hide the satellite, DVD, and receiver equipment you may be asking yourself, how far can I run an HDMI cable?…

Component Video CableComponent Video Cable

Component Video Cable splits video into three separate signals of red, green, and blue for optimal clarity and picture quality….