Surge ProtectorDo I Need a Surge Protector for my TV or DVD Player?

I remember when I bought my first expensive TV and the salesman pushed an expensive $150 Monster surge protector on me. Do you  really need a surge protector? If so, can you buy the $9 version or do you need the expensive[…..]

Cable Internet vs DSL InternetDSL vs Cable Internet

Which is better, DSL or Cable internet? There are many different tiers of service for both and it is important to understand what you are looking for and how best to compare. Here are some pros and cons of DSL[…..]

best reality tv showsBest Reality TV Shows

The best reality TV shows are Amazing Race, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance. Why? Because they offer great entertainment and content that the whole family can watch. …

ESRB RatingsESRB Ratings

What are ESRB Ratings? All video games are required to have a rating to help customers make decisions. ESRB stands for Entertainment Software Rating Board. …

PS3 vs WiiWii vs PS3

Should I buy a Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)? It really all depends on who you are and what you like. Here are some high level pros and cons of the Wii and PS3. …

Pirated MoviesDownload Movies Legally

According to Forrester research data about 3 percent of online households download movies offered for free. It is important to understand that there are millions of households with internet access, and even 3 percent is thousands of movies being watched for free. …

3D GlassesIs 3D Worth it?

Whenever I watch a preview for a new movie it always advertises “in 3D!” Is 3D really as awesome as the previews make it sound?…

Closed CaptionTV Transcripts

Closed Captions can be used to generate TV transcripts with a minimal amount of hardware. Imagine capturing transcripts from your favorite TV show, sports event, or news program. It is a great way to gather information from television. …

dvdWatch Movies Online

Watching movies online is becoming easier and more convenient than going to the DVD rental store or waiting for movies to come in the mail. As selection becomes wider and quality increase, streaming online movies will eventually replace both RedBox and movies in the mail….

HDTVHD Programming

Some of us are pixel watching maniacs while others hardly notice the difference between standard and HD reception. Consider the following factors before upgrading to HD programming….

movie reelMovie Rentals and Recommendations

Sometimes choosing a DVD to watch can take too much time. Whether you find yourself in the movie rental store going up and down each isle more than once, or that find yourself surfing too many pages online, choosing a DVD to watch can be a challenging task….

audio video senderAudio Video Sender

Audio Video Senders are a great accessory for a satellite receiver. At the 5.8Ghz frequency range, this device can transmit a video and audio signal up to 300 feet through walls….