satellite and cable are expensiveGetting Rid of Satellite or Cable; Is it Time?

I think paying $60 a month to watch 3 or 4 channels is too expensive. However, there is no cable or satellite provider that allows you to “pay per channel.” Wouldn’t that be nice! The traditional business plan is to[…..]

External Hard Drive For DVRRecording To An External Hard Drive

People that are hard core about not missing their favorite television programs realize the need for a back up of their DVR. Recorded television programs can become lost when a DVR malfunctions or needs to be upgraded or replaced. One[…..]

external hard driveConnecting An External Hard Drive To A DISH Network DVR

Instructions for the DISH Hopper HD DVR Adding an external hard drive to the DISH Hopper is a piece of cake. This will allow you to have additional space and move recorded shows to your external HD. There is no[…..]

DirecTV remote controlSkipping Commercials with DirecTV and Dish DVRs

Skipping commercials is the only sane way to watch television. Once you watch TV using a DVR and get use to the 30 second skip feature, you will never go back to watching live television again. The networks obviously don’t like[…..]

wired vs wirelessWireless HDTV

Wireless versus Wired; which is better when it comes to cost, picture quality, and ease of use? I did a little research on wireless HDTV and here are some of my thoughts….

dish-vs-directvDISH Network vs DIRECTV

Have you been shopping for a satellite television service provider lately? If so, I’m sure you have run into more questions than you anticipated. Programs and services change faster than paint dries, so hopefully this will give you a starting point….

Satellite vs CableSatellite vs Cable

Satellite dishes and cable boxes seem to be quite popular. The old traditional antenna is becoming obsolete. Data packets of information enter your television through the sky or from a network of cables. One question still remains, “which is better for me?”…

DVRDigital Video Recorder – DVR

Digital Video Recorders are one of the best solutions to commercial free TV. They provide you with the ability to watch and record a show at the same time. You also can skip advertisements with a click of a button….