Cheap HDMI Cable; Where Do I Buy One?

hdmi-cableI just bought a new Blu-ray DVD Player. It did not come with a HDMI cable, but it only came with a composite cable. I wonder how many people connect their new Blu-ray player to their HDTV with composite and wonder why it doesn’t look good? Getting, back to point of the article, where is the best place to buy a good quality HDMI cable for a good price?

The first thing you need to decide isĀ how long of a cable you will need. Most of the time a 6 foot (or 2 meter) HDMI cable will work as most people have their DVD player directly underneath their TV. Be careful when buying cables online! Sometimes you can find a cable for a few dollars, but it will become unusable within a very short time. Always look for cables that have positive feedback (at least 100 reviews or more).

The cheapest and well reviewed cable available at Walmart is the Link Depot 6′ Gold-Plated High-Speed HDMI Cable. This is a 6 foot cable that supports 1080p and is backward compatible with HDMI versions 1.1 and 1.2s. It is rated 5 out of 5 with over 600 reviews. You can only buy this cable online. Walmart usually offers 97 cent shipping on cables, which is a very good price.

The second option for buying a cheap HDMI cable is at Amazon. I just bought the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable for less than $6 and it has been great. I have only used it for a few weeks, but Amazon users give it 4.5 stars with over a 1,000 reviewers giving feedback. This HDMI cable supports 1080p and is also backwards compatible as well.

If you cannot wait for online shipping and need to buy a HDMI cable in the store now you will probably pay over $10. Walmart sometimes will carry cables for $10-$12. BestBuy and similar stores usually charge a little more (closer to $15 for the cheapest cable). So if you want to save a little cash, remember to order the cable online and you will get the best deal even when you add in shipping.


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