Component to Composite Video

Component To Composite VideoRecently we have been asked how to connect a component video output (Red, Green, Blue) to a composite video input (Yellow). The answer is a Component to Composite Video Down Scaler. This  adapter converts the component output of a DVD player (could also be a device like a satellite receiver) in order to provide an composite input for an old monitor or television. This device will cost about $50 synthroid dosage.  Some may be asking, “why would you want to convert a component signal to composite?” Many newer televisions and monitors have some sort of high definition input such as HDMI. There are plenty of Component to HDMI converters out there for about the same price as the Component to Composite video converters. Composite Video (yellow) is the lowest quality signal transmission out there, so you will only want to down-grade an excellent signal such as the component video (Red, Green, Blue) to composite if there are no other choices.

In conclusion, there is a way to convert component to composite, but I think the $50 is better spent towards buying a new television. You can get a very nice 37-inch high-definition television for under $400.


2 Responses to Component to Composite Video

  1. PhilC says:

    I have a newer 55 inch Samsung flatscreen tv model UN55D6060TFXZA and am trying to connect an old Toshiba DVD player that just has the red,white and yellow composite output–nothing else. The TV doesnt seem to have any matching input holes. Any ideas? I could just buy a newer dvd player.

  2. Karen Pelder says:

    Is it possible to convert composite (out) to component (in) or to hdmi?

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