DirecTV Apps for the iPhone and iPad

satellite and cable are expensiveDirecTV has been releasing a number of apps so that those who use DirecTV are able to access more features – and connect with more people at the same time. More and more people are obtaining smart phones – and in particular, the iPhone.

A new iPhone app has been created by DirecTV that allows users the ability to access live and on-demand programming and manage their DVR with the sound of their voice. Within the app, there is a new tab titled “Voice.” This will allow users the opportunity to speak to the app just as they would speak to another person in order to find and play a program of choice. To  gain full access of the DirecTV apps you will need to be a subscriber of the DirecTV services. 

Siri and other voice-based apps have become popular because people want to go hands-free. They like the idea of being able to “talk” to the technology they have in their hand. The DirecTV app allows users to not only play programs by voice but also to switch to TV mode in order to view results from the VoiceSearch on the TV screen instead of the display of the iPhone.

Titles, channels, keywords, actors, the time frame, the genre and various other search features can be used with Voice Search. This allows people to find the content they want, change channels, set shows to record and do so much more – all within an app they install on their phone for free. The update has not made it to the iPad app yet, but it is scheduled to come out soon.

The Voice app is not the only app that DirecTV has. They have created several others to ensure people are able to make the most of their TV watching experience. Creating apps may be the best thing that DirecTV has going for them, especially because they must constantly compete against cable companies and other products on the market.

There is also an iPad app update that offers a social media update. From there, customers can go into the Social TV mode, tap friends and tap any show from the feed to see what others are saying. Customers can then tap a friend’s name to see what they have been watching and make comments on what anyone has been watching (good or bad).

As customers get ready for Fantasy Football, there is also an app to make it possible. With the DirecTV Fantasy Football app, everyone is able to get real-time scores from the fantasy teams they create on

On the remote, there’s a way to bring up the TV apps. Then there is the Fantasy Football TV app. Customers can sing in, select their football league and choose the matchup status, in-game stats and watch games in real-time.

All of the apps provided by DirecTV are absolutely free and allow customers to take TV watching to a new level. It is more interactive and allows people to control their TV and the shows they watch more effectively – and from anywhere. Those who love Fantasy Football will also benefit. Ultimately, DirecTV made a brilliant step because they are taking advantage of the app craze.


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