How To Unlock Your TV Parental Control Password

It seems we all have to remember way too many passwords and it is easy to forget a TV or DVR password that you set years ago. I debated whether or not to create a post that lists the master passwords to reset and unlock parental control settings, however I decided to go ahead as I get many requests asking for this very thing. It can be quite frustrating to sit down for a movie and have it ask for a password that you cannot remember!

TV lock
A note to parents: If you are wondering if your kids have reset the password, it is easy to determine. Whenever a master password is used to reset a TV or DVR the old password is no longer valid. So if your old password still works, you kids have not read this page. However, if your old password does not work you may want to have a chat with your son or daughter!

DirecTV: You have to call DirecTV at 1-800-347-3288 and ask a customer representative to reset the password for you. They will ask you a security question to verify your account.

Dish Network: Call Dish Network customer service at 1-800-823-4929. You will have to verify your account by answering some questions. You also can ask them to reset over live chat, but you will need your account information as well.

Dick Smith Television Master Code: 6666. Go to the “Lock Menu”. Enter in this default password. You should then be able to access your the complete Lock Menu.

Channel Master DVR: Find the receiver ID number by clicking “Menu” on the remote and then navigating through Setup->System Setup->System Information. Now write down the receiver ID number before the dash. Next, click the “Menu” button on the remote again. Navigate to Setup->Locks. Enter the last 4 digits of your receiver ID before the dash. This will act as a temporary password.

LG Television Master Code: 0-3-2-5. Go to the “Menu” board. Scroll down to “Lock”. Then enter the passcode 0325.

Phillips TV Reset Passcode: The default factory code number is ”0000.” If this code doesn’t work it means it has been changed. To reset the code go to setup and select either the channel blocking or setup code section. Use the master code of 0711. The TV will give you an incorrect access code message. Press 0711 again. Now enter your new 4 digit code.

RCA TV Parental Reset Code: First select parental control from the menu. You will be asked to enter your password. Press and hold the “volume +” and “channel +” buttons on your television (not the remote) for 8 seconds. You will see a message that the parental controls have been unlocked.

Sharp TV Reset Sequence: Start but pressing the ”menu” button on the TV. A message should appear to input secret number. Press and hold both the “VOL (+)” and the CH DOWN on the TV set until the message disappears. This should reset all passwords and settings.

Sony TV Master Code: 4357. Use this code when prompted and it will reset the master password.

Sony Playstation 2 & 3 Master Code: 7444. When it asks for the password press select on the controller. Then enter the master code and then you should be able to set a new lock code.

Toshiba Master Codes:  0711, 6688 and 3308. Try each one until one works. This will reset your Toshiba TV to the orignal settings. However, you will loose any information such as favorite channels, clocks, etc.

Wii Master Code: You have to call customer support 1-800-255-3700. Go to parental controls and there will be an option to change settings, click yes. It should confirmation number, you will need to give this number to customer support, and then they will give you a unlock code.

XBox 360 Reset Password: Go to settings and click on “PARENTAL CONTROL” and instead of entering the code press the following button sequence; X, Y, Left Trigger, X. Then you will be prompted to enter a new password.

Vizio TV Master Unlock Passwords: 2489, 5351, 8202, 8205, 8206

Zenith Master Password Reset Recipe: Press SETUP to display the Setup menu. Use the remote and enter the following 6 digit number: 210499. The 4 digit password should be cleared.

I have tried to list the master passwords to unlock the most common TVs and DVRs, but if you need a master password that is not on the list, just ask, and I will try and find it for you.


157 Responses to How To Unlock Your TV Parental Control Password

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi :) I need help with a 4-digit lock code on an older model TCL TV. Model number: L23A10FHD
    So grateful for the assistance!!! Thank you in advance.

  2. Jon says:

    Viore tv master unlock code is 6666

  3. Jo says:

    Veon 50″ password has been there a way? Model SRO9110-B

  4. Fred says:

    I have a Zenith 13 in , and I have ut hook to direct tv, but on certain channels it will block the channels, when I go to my tv it has a channel lock don’t know if that has anything to do with it, please help, all channels on the direct box are unblocked, I can get these channels on all other tvs

  5. By locking or unlocking Parental Control features you can selectively block or lock certain functions and specific programming from displaying. Before you set the specific features that are included in locking, turn on the Locking feature.

  6. linda says:

    i need a code to unblocked a channel for my samsung tv the model number is HL67A750A1FXZA AND THE SERIAL NUMBER IS akwg3ck0a01132a please help

    • linda says:

      i need a code to unblock channel model number IS HL67A750A1FXZA Samsung tv please help

  7. Stan says:

    I have a RCA flat screen model L32HD31R I tried to reset the parental control password with the reset info provided above but it didn’t work.. press volume+ ans channel+ at the same time on the TV not remote for 8 seconds.. that did not work.. please help.. I just got xfinity and I activated it and the web site says I am activated and I should be on channel 3 or 4 or HDM1.. no luck so I though I would do a channel search but it won’t let me

  8. Toni buckley says:

    i forgot my Samsung TV 4 diget pass code. Can you find s master code?

  9. amy says:

    my grandma has a coby tv and has lost the remote and i have pugged it in to watch cable tv and it says no signal im guessing it is locked also. i need to reset a password i guess

  10. Grecon says:


    Trying to unlock an LG UG870T please. . Tried password and no longer works. My children may have changed it but no one remembers it.

  11. Montez says:

    I have a 2003 Toshiba TV Model no. 20af43. The parental block pin is long forgotten. The three codes you listed have not worked. I tried to go to menu – setup- but there is no factory reset option.
    Any other ideas?

  12. Tracy Fox says:

    Hi I need help with parental unlock. I’m trying to reset to factory default and I’m prompted to enter password forgot it.
    My remote refuses to work so manually I can get to the place to enter the code how ever I unable to put the code in as there is no way to select any numbers no visible keypad. TV is a Vizio E3D420VX
    Thanks for your time.

  13. james says:

    I have a JVC D series that I cannot unlock,please help me.

  14. Badr says:

    Try 0325 it works for LG

  15. Mike clark says:

    I just bought an element TV and in the initial setup process I put in a password of my own. The problem I’m having is that now, the menu will not allow me to access the Lock icon to even enter a password, it just scrolls right past it and I haven’t found where to undo what I’ve done.

  16. james hills says:

    Hi, i have a humax free sat box and the parental lock is on just one channel. . All that’s on the box is humax fox-sat -hdr. Hdmi common interface hdtv dolby digital plus. If you could help me I would be much appreciated. Kind regards

  17. donna says:

    Any one plz tell me how to unlock krystel 19 inch TV plz

  18. lady says:

    i have a 50 inch smart lg tv with a passcode and i have tried 0325 and it does not work.. Is ther e any other code i can try? model number 50LB6100

  19. cassie says:

    I tried all the pin codes for Toshiba TV that you have and none work. my TV model is 32C120U

  20. Mark Christensen says:

    I used the password for dick smith tv to unlock parental control on our tv after it blocked g and above thanks for the code

  21. Jesusmarquez says:

    I have an akai tv

  22. P.Menard says:

    I’m trying to find a way to factory reset my TV and I don’t have a remote.
    Supersonic SC-499D
    9″ Portable

    Thank you

  23. Kim says:

    Parental control reset on a Viore TV?

  24. Tony says:

    I have an old guide plus RCA TV I cannot unlock the parental control could you please see if you can help me out. TV thank you

  25. jun says:

    Hi…i forgot the lock password to my lg 42ub700t-th smart tv.
    Hv tried 0325 or 0000 still didnt work. Pls help.

  26. Janet says:

    I have. Westinghouse model vr4090. Can’t remember password to unlock

  27. Ricky says:

    LG code is wrong it’s actually 7777

  28. jacques malherbe says:

    my whole tv is locked. Can do nothing. Its a Diamond dtv-1498 . Bought second hand . Have remote but have no idea how to unlock or what buttons to use to unlock. Pls help. Tank you,

  29. william says:

    I have an element model #ELCFW329; I’m locked out of all channels. I’ve tried everything; I need the Master Unlock Code

  30. Yasir says:

    can any body help me to break my SONY WEGA 29 TV password.

  31. faisal says:

    I tried the instruction given for tv model SHARP 29L-FG1SM and it didn’t work. Can anyone help me, plus I dont have any remote to key in the code

  32. Stanley Miller says:

    Please help me to reset parental lock my roshan tv model H H 21SCP. Thanks in advance

  33. Detailsman says:

    I want to say thank you very much for helping me unlock my vizio tv.

  34. I have a sanyo with a parental lock could you give me the code to unlock? The model# is

  35. Cassie says:

    Hi, I have a locked rca 20f424t model tv with no remote and the volume + channel + method did not work. Is there any other way to reset it without a remote?

  36. DannY Drix says:

    I got LG 42LA691S can any1 help me reset my password??

  37. preem says:

    my Lg model no 42LB50F-ULhas got locked accidentally. I called the LG co. they told me to use 0000,7777,1111 but none worked one box for the password is already tell me what to do.

  38. angee says:

    Would love the master bypass for set top box brand ‘Digitec’ model # ‘dg-hd8040′

  39. marco says:

    Hi, I am desperetaly triying to unlock my brand new LG PN4503…
    I tried the 0000, as said in the guide, nothing… i tried the code 0325, nothing. any help, please ?

  40. David Shaw says:

    I have a NUOVO TV and some idiot has locked it. Please help!!!!!

  41. Joe says:


  42. S. L. Whitener says:

    I am trying to reset my parental control code on my RCA, model # LRK32G30RQD. I have not had success with any of the suggestions above or with others from the internet. I called RCA, they gave me some “master codes” to try, again without success. Can you help?

  43. sandra says:

    i have oron ON-1000SLAN it is a receiver it has password and i wonder what it is?? it came with it i didn’t input it but i need to change some channels please if you can help!

  44. Arun Poudel says:

    I am trying to unlock my old Sony Model G21Q2 with Mega RM-36E+ Universal TV Remote and could not open.
    Please help me.

  45. ADUO SAMUEL says:


  46. kevin chand says:

    I have a Simmons flat screen TV ,my son turned on the child lock can u help unlock ,I don’t a remote or manual

  47. jess says:

    I have an element model #ELEFW328 I’m locked out of… I’ve tried everything.

  48. suneer says:

    thoshiba lcd/dvd combo tv .model 19SLV411U forget lock code pls help me

  49. Mr. E says:

    Code for Sharp worked. Thank you sir

  50. laura says:

    how do i reset the parental password on my funai dvd player

  51. chad says:

    Ive tried the rca one a couple times and it still wont work. I have a rca 22la45rq lcd hdtv thanks

  52. brandon says:

    Have a Westinghouse tv model vr-3225 Forgot the code for parental control how can I unlock it

  53. prakash says:

    I need a master code to reset my parental lock for sony 60inches tv.model name Kdl-60r550a

  54. Kali says:

    Need help unlocking a toshiba with a model number 32C110U
    I tried the pin codes and the recall theory.

  55. moosa says:

    hi.i have a lg led tv and forgot reset it?can you help me please?

  56. Amila says:

    I have LG TV Model CF14F87 lock is ( verrouillage marche ) please help.

  57. Myrna says:

    My TV is RCA flat screen march 2013 Model number LED29830RQ I need the master code I forgot the password. Thank You

  58. adams says:

    I have haier tv model number LET22C430 AND I DONT REMEMBER MY PASSWORD

  59. adams says:

    I ve haier led tv and forgotten my password
    The model number is LET22C430

  60. Jose Guevara says:

    Would you please help me to get the master code for a Westinghouse LED TV Model UW40T28W. Thank you beforehand!

  61. Shelli says:

    My husband set the parental control on our GE television. How do we reset or remove? We don’t need the block anymore but he has forgotten the pin (actually he forgot it within a week of setting it)

  62. temitope adesina says:

    Hi mate, I mistakenly activated the source lock on my 26 inches lcd samsung tv and could not open all the source including video, tv and freeview cos I forgot the password, can you please let me have the reset codes and for your information “0″ is not there as its not displaying at all while other numbers do, thanks

  63. hom3r says:

    Hi wondering if you could help me I have a DGTEC model DG-FV42LCD
    the system /parent Lock are on I have tried the defaultt code with no luck.
    hoping you have the magic answer .

    • Sandra Thompson says:

      You could try ’6666′ – I found this worked just today for a DGTEC model DG-HD32LCD…found it by luck before I found this website!

  64. malik says:

    I need the master code for the rca L22HD32D

  65. luisa gol says:

    Doesnt RCA ‘code’ works with all models because I have a Tv model 2003, an ancient one) AND DOESN’T WORKS. one time ago I had to take my tv to the electronic engenier to fix it.

  66. Jacqueline Stephens says:

    I have a Senzu tv it says RC-D04 on the remote, kids have accidentally set password and can’t figure it out, TV won’t allow me to re tune channels without entering it, can you help? I’ve tried all the above codes and sequences and nothing!

  67. leon hickson says:

    hi i am looking for a master unlock code for a ohki tv 42led/120hzsleek any help would be awesome.

  68. Katie says:

    We have a Funai DVD player. My 8 year old decided to play with the remote and set a password and we are not able to watch anything out of the “kids mode” parental setting. He forgot the numbers he put in for the password. Help!

  69. Scandes says:

    Can you help me to find the forgotten 4 digit pin code for Samsung DTB Receiver 9405V.
    Many thanks!

  70. Blanca says:

    I have a polariod lcd-2000. I do not have the manual or remote. I am connect to comcast cable. A little padlock will appear and I can not watch that channel . I have pressed menu and when I go to setup – v-chip setup it is the same padlock. When I press the + channel it asks for a password.

    Can you help me.

    • Jason says:

      Press the “MENU” button and the go to “Setup” menu and press the “OK” button on your remote. Now select “Factory Reset” option and then press “OK”. Confirm that you want to restore factory settings to your television when prompted to so by pressing the “OK” button your keyboard once again. Wait a few seconds while the settings and you should be good to go. note that your television may flicker or turn off and on.

  71. Huma says:

    I have a coby tv, and i can’t remember the password..
    Please help…

  72. Alice says:

    Hello I have been working on resetting the parental code as per information you put on this site. The tv is a RCA Entertainment Series,October 2003 Model# 36V550. The problem is it only has 1 button to control the volumn and channel, like a diamond shape. I tried holding down the +volumn/channel for the 8 seconds. It scrolls up to the word password/code. Nothing happens, do ya know of anything else to try?

  73. Dawn says:

    Please help, we bought a very old RCA TV with no remote and the parental lock is on. I have tried watching a dvd and the tv doesn’t have an audio/video button. We are assuming the lock is preventing it from working. The setup menu has a vcr 1,2,3 all on channel 03, same as the cable and I have no way to change it.

  74. Caz says:

    could you please tell me how to reset the password for a SRO9102 tv it doesnt have a brand name. it comes from the warehouse nz and doesnt have a users manual. i need to tune it and need a password to be able to do that.

  75. Ephraim says:

    My LYZE tv model 1408 it’s locked and my remote has been broken long time ago,
    so i need help to unlock it without a remote.

  76. jason says:

    I have a toshiba model 55tc515u, my parental lock code has been forgotten,lol is there a master code

  77. brenda says:

    I have a zenith Z50PV220. I tried following your zenith directions but there is no set up menu. When you press the menu button it takes you to some setup options but most of them are locked. I have tried every passcode i think i have ever used and nothing works. it is a 4 digit. I tried 2580 that I found on some site. Didn’t work. I tried your 6 digit number and it didn’t work. Tried the first four of your 6 digit and the last four of your 6 digit. Nothing worked. Please help!

  78. Van says:

    I use Bruhm LED TV 32″ and I’ve forgotten the password. Can you offer any assistance in resetting it?

    Van Vee.

  79. sena says:

    i have a toshiba TV i cannot remember 4 didgit pin serial number is B19189M15078A1. can you help me thanks

  80. Sunil Kajale says:

    I have an LG LCD 32 inch TV model No. is 32LK451-2A I have not remember the password plz suggest how to unlock that ?

  81. i have LG TV 21 inches unfortunately child lock on so any one guide me how to unlock child lock

  82. Kev says:

    Tricky one for you…

    No manual or remote. Somehow the Parental lock has been activated. There are 7 buttons on the top of the TV, in order left to right – 2 vol, 2 channel, menu, TV/av, power.

    Could you please email me help with how to unlock it please

    All info i have:

    LCD Digital
    10050837 0710

    Would be much appreciated mate

    • aungkyawthu says:

      Tricky one for you…

      No manual or remote. Somehow the Parental lock has been activated. There are 7 buttons on the top of the TV, in order left to right – 2 vol, 2 channel, menu, TV/av, power.

      Could you please email me help with how to unlock it please

  83. sid carpenter says:

    Jason: I need the master code for a Curtis TV LCD3708A.

  84. Star says:


    I have an Element TV that I accidentally locked and now I need to take the parental block off. How do I reset the parental block. I tried resetting the TV.


  85. Rebecca says:

    Hi could you help with resetting my forgotten child lock pin please for a ferguson DVD combi f2620lcd

  86. David Donaghy says:

    Hi there have a ISIS ISI-22-900-COBU television and have forgotten the parental password. Is there a way to reset the TV?

  87. April says:

    patental unlock code for a coby LED tv 2426

  88. sheri says:

    I cant unblock parental control on an Akai model cftd1529W TV lcd TV combo

  89. roger said says:

    I need the master code to reset a topline TV 37 inch

  90. I have sharp 21G-FX10N and it asking for code,
    let us know how to unlock the same.

  91. Eli Erbach says:

    I have an older RCA TV/DVD combo. I have managed to figure out the Child lock and V chip 4 digit code which both are 1234 but the DVD player has some 4 digit lock code. Some of my DVD’s will play and some won’t. The message says “the parental level of the player has been set, press yes to continue”
    when I press yes it wants a 4 digit code. How can I clear or reset this? Thanks for any help.

  92. Kathy Walkin says:

    need to get the Parental Lock off my HAIER HDMI 46″ flat screen TV – It’s one of the older models with the speakers on the side.

    • Kathy Walkin says:

      I have a HLH42ATBB Haier TV. It has a parental lock on it and When I connect the cable to it and do an Auto scan it is just searching channels but coming up with no channels found. Pleas tell me how can I watch my TV???

  93. BMWM5V850 says:

    hi, im trying to activate the child lock on my tv but i cant remember my old password, ive tryed so many master paswords they didnt work , can you help me please to find some solution? samsung PS42A416C1D thanx

  94. Desiree says:

    Got a direct tv box im not the account holder and cant get a hold of my buddy who is to call and he dont remeber the pass word. is there a code that i can use?

  95. Sammy says:

    Hi i was wondering if u can help me unlock my alba alcdtv15xi, i bought it from a pal, lost the remote and dont have a users manual, i accidentally locked it yesterday, all i see wen i switch on is a dark blue screen and a light blue word ‘lock’ in the middle, i hav tried all i can but to nothing pliz help me.

  96. VICTOR says:

    My TV is a sharp LCD TV GA867WJSA. I have tried what you suggested above but nothing happens. What can i do?

  97. char says:

    can you help me with my samsung LA26D400E1? thanks.

  98. badran says:

    last :

    The buttons on the front panel of my TV do not work.and menu buttons in my remote control also due to parental control….

    correcting some words in my last comments…turn on,,LG product…

  99. badran says:

    i have Spectra plasma tv model P 4205 GX ,i trun on controle parental by mistake ,now i dont have remote control for cancelling the controle parental ,so the Menu buttons not working ,i try to use another remote control for LG prodect its work only to switch on,of,Volume,but not Menu,how i can cancel the controle parental to run the menu buttons in my tv?

  100. Nbird says:

    Hello I have an Axion 5150 and I can’t seem to reset the parental control. All the links I’ve googled have been some sort of 8 inch dvd player, I have a TV/DVD combo at 15″

  101. Shoaib says:

    Sir,i have philips tv model 21pt2252/68 i need master code above instruction i have tried it doesnt work.

  102. Nicola Carson says:

    Hi am unable to unlock my Baird tv it has a lock on the dtv section which isn’t allowing me 2 view anything.

    • Jason says:

      I don’t have the code for a Baird TV. In fact, I have never heard of that brand.

  103. brian linn says:

    I have a Zenith TV model sr2786s. I dont have a remote for it and when I turn it on it shows aux and the time only. I think it has a parent lock can you help? Thanks, Brian

    • Jason says:

      Brian, I added the Zenith reset password. I think you have to have a remote though. You may need to buy a universal remote and then program it for a Zenith TV first.

  104. rodrigue bell says:

    I need the codes for LG TV model number M197WDP.

  105. Diosdado Bautista says:

    Our TV is accidentally locked, specs is, Sharp 14V-W150M with serial #10525525. Do you have the master password? Thank you in advance.

    • Jason says:

      I added the Sharp reset intructions. Give it a try and let me know if it works.

  106. Jay says:

    Looking to reset the parental control my daughter set passcode code on and forgot.

  107. wilson says:

    do you know the code for a toshiba 50H82

  108. alex says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could get me the master code for my seiki

    • Jason says:

      Try #0000 and see if it will reset. That is the default code, but I cannot tell if that will actually reset the parental controls. Let me know how it works.

  109. dhanvesh says:

    my tv is icon tv el15″f, what’s the master password

    • Jason says:

      I have not heard of this company before and cannot find anything about the master password. Sorry.

  110. cosmin says:

    I need the master code to reset Toshiba TV model number 32lv833g

    • Jason says:

      Cosmin, Did you try the master passwords above? Also try what I responded to Vicente below as well.

  111. charles says:

    I have a RCA Truflat SDTV 20 INCH model #20f424T and I can’t unlock it. Someone put a code on it and I need it unlocked. Thanks.

  112. Asad says:

    when I switch on my Sony tv (ultimate pure multi system NICAM, I don’t know the exact model) it appears CHILD LOCK PLEASE UNLOCK, and no button of tv even the remote button works, however sensor blinking by clicking the remote buttons. I don’t know what to do..’ please help.

    • Jason says:

      In order for me to help you, I need your model number. You should be able to locate it on either the front lower corner or on the back of the television.

      • Asad says:

        Sorry Sir, I find it a lot but I think from back side some one has erases the model no. please sir help me solving this issue….

        • Asad says:

          I there any way to hard reset a TV, some one has posted for me to Press “Set up” (UP) button on remote and power button on TV. Press Power button simultaneously and after that release the Set up button, but till now i could not succeeded, because I don’t even know which is the Set Up buttons.

          • Asad says:

            Answer: I found out how to fix the problem through another source but I thought i would share it with you as it worked. Press the power button and then the AV/TV button simultaneously and will click off the child lock.

  113. vicente says:

    The passwords for the Toshiba TV doesn’t work, is there any other master passwords for it?

    • Jason says:

      When the PIN code (to enter) is displayed, press RECALL 4 times within five seconds. The PIN code will be reset and it will allow you to enter a new PIN code. Let me know if that works.

  114. Twyla says:

    Thanks a lot for this information… I just had dish tv come and do an install at my house. A job that should of 45 mins took 2 hours all because my tv was locked..frustrated we started to google default codes and came across this site. Thanks a lot..

  115. G E Stahl says:

    I forget the password for my “Channel Master” DVR, model CM7400. (This DVR has a digital TV type tuner for recording free over the air TV)

  116. Alex says:

    I have an LG TV. Can you tell me what the lock is

  117. carole says:

    Hi I need to unlock my Strong SRTDTV television Thanks

  118. Navid says:

    my tv is sony bx300 32, what’s the master password ?

    • Jason says:

      Your television is a Sony. See the instructions above for a Sony Television, it should work just fine.

  119. Mark says:

    I need the master code to reset a Dick smith TV Model # GE6601

    • Jason says:

      Hi Mark,

      I just added the master code for the Dick Smith TV Models. Try it out and let me know if it worked.

  120. nikki says:

    I need the master code to reset Toshiba TV model number 20AF44

    • Jason says:

      I added the codes for Toshiba TVs. Try them out and let me know if they work.

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