Sony Blu-ray DVD Player With Wi-Fi Review

sony-blu-ray-with-wifiI just bought the Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray DVD player. I previously had a Toshiba up-converting HMDI DVD Player and was very happy with it, but it seemed time to buy a Blu-ray player. The cost for Blu-ray has come down significantly in the past couple of years and I felt like it is a good time to switch over. Here is a quick review of the player. Overall I am very happy with it, especially considering I bought it on Amazon for less than $100.

Up-converting Technology: The Sony Blu-ray does a great job in playing my standard DVDs. It up-converts to 1080p and the picture looks great (I have a 60inch Sony Bravia HDTV). Although I still favor the Blu-ray picture better, it is still fun to watch normal DVDs and I don’t ever find myself thinking, “this picture looks bad.”

Internet (Wi-Fi) Services: It was very easy to connect the player to my wireless internet. There are several services offered such as Netflix, Hulu-Plus, You-Tube, Pandora, and others. Some of these services require membership and a small fee, but the player is well integrated into the many internet streaming services. You can access social media sites as well such as Facebook and Twitter.

Picture Quality: All I can say here is when playing Blu-ray discs the picture looks awesome. Fast moving scenes (where the camera moves fast and the picture changes quickly) looks great, although I think this has more to do with my TV than the Blu-ray player.

Remote Control: Standard to sub-par. Hard to see in the dark (it’s all black) and it’s small. I have often pressed the wrong button when trying to pause a movie for a snack break. Not a huge deal, but Sony could have done better with the remote. This is easily fixed with a universal remote control.

Response Time: If you are already not aware Blu-ray DVD players have a slower response time than normal DVD players. For example when you press play to start a movie you will notice a small delay. This player has about a 1-3 second delay when first stating the movie. Nothing terrible, especially considering this is typical for most Blu-ray players.

Conclusion: Overall I have been very happy with the DVD player. It has performed well and never has given me any trouble. My only problem now is we have 3 HDTVs and only one Blu-Ray player. So the question is when to upgrade the other two?


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  1. I had a Vizio BR and now a Sony BR DVD players. The problem I’m having is that when I play a movie the picture goes on and off throughout the movie. I thought the Vizio DVD BR was broken so I bought the sony. It’s doing the same thing. Do I need a New HDMI cable?

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