Will A Blu Ray DVD Player Play Normal DVDs?

blu-rayBlu Ray DVD players will play normal DVDs. In fact, most Blu Ray players will up-convert normal DVDs to improve the quality. Standard and HDMI DVD players will not play Blu Ray Discs. There are small exceptions where DVD’s will not play on various kinds of DVD players. For instance, I was given an old cartoon DVD that will not play on my standard DVD player, but plays fine on my Playstation 2. So beware of odd or old DVD’s such as ones that are sold by individuals or small companies.

Blu Ray DVD players have come down significantly in price. Right now I can buy a Toshiba BDX2250 Blu-ray Disc Player for under a $100 at Walmart. That is an incredible decrease in price when compared with just a few years ago. I don’t buy many DVD’s, but I sure do rent them. The cost of rentals have also come down significantly. Blu Ray rentals are only $0.30 more than a standard DVD at your favorite Red Box, and if you use Netflix like me, it is only an extra $2 a month to add Blu Ray selection to your subscription.

So maybe now is the time to switch to Blu Ray. If you are unhappy with your movie viewing quality, or simply want the best picture quality at the best price, now is the time to jump in.


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