Best Blanket for your Couch or Favorite Chair

June 23, 2018

Best Blanket for your Couch or Favorite Chair

Having a good blanket for the couch makes watching TV better, reading a book more comfortable, and visiting with friends more fun. The trick is to have a blanket accessible and close by, otherwise you don’t end up using it as often. The cool thing about the TV Blanket is that it folds up into a large throw pillow. This way you can leave it on the couch so that whenever you need a blanket you just unfold it from the pillow form and you have a large, soft, and comfortable blanket. The pillow in the picture above is the TV Blanket folded into a pillow. Doesn’t it look awesome!

A Great Blanket should look Good and Feel Good

The TV Blanket looks great. It comes in many different colors. This way you can find the perfect color that goes with your couch. Whether in the blanket form or pillow form its going to add color and warmth to your room. The TV Blanket is a micro plush fleece material that is super soft to the touch and feels great.

3 couch blankets

The Best Couch Blanket should have a Foot Pocket

The best blankets have a foot pocket. The foot pocket serves multiple purposes. First, it helps your feet stay warm and comfortable. Second, it helps the blanket stay in place when you pull it up to your shoulders. That way it doesn’t end up pulling over your feet. Also, the TV Blanket is large enough that you can share it with someone else. 

3 Foot Pockets

A Good Couch Blanket also can fold into a Soft Pillow

Most people store blankets on the side of the couch or in a large bin. Often times the blankets pile up and end up in a mess. It doesn’t look great. The TV Blanket folds into the foot pocket to become a pillow. This way it easy to store on your couch. It also looks great and adds some color and warmth to your room. So rather that have a pile of blankets on the side of your couch you can have comfortable throw pillows on each end of your couch. It's a no-brainer… the TV Blanket is the best blanket and the best throw pillow for your couch.

3 people on couch

To sum it up, the best couch blanket should be comfortable, look great, have a foot pocket, fold into a pillow, and be large enough to share with someone else. The TV Blanket solves it all and can be shipped to your house today. Whether for you or a gift for someone else you should definitely order one now