Digital vs Analog Audio Sound

May 19, 2017

Digital vs Analog Audio Sound

Many may not know what the difference is between digital and analog (RCA white and red) audio sound. You may have purchased a new DVD player or TV and wondered which audio cable you should use.

First off, both digital audio out and the analog (red and white) can use the same cables. The only difference is the digital cable is a single cable and the analog is split into 2 cables. If you have the red and white analog cables and want to connect your digital cable output then simply use just the white side or the red side. It does not matter. Remember that you always connect the audio output of your DVD player or satellite reciever to the input of your sound system or television.

Analog Audio Out (red and white RCA plugs):Analog audio splits sound into "Left" and "Right" components which is called stereo sound. Therefore, if you only have 3 speakers connected to your sound system (left, right, and center) then you can use this RCA connection and get great sound. As far as quality is concerned, most people will not be able to tell the difference between a sound system connected by digital with 3 speakers and the red and white analog sound. So my recommendation is if you have a simple TV setup with 3 speakers than there is no reason to get behind the television and switch to digital.

Digital Audio Out:Digital audio transmits dobly digital which can support front center, right, and left speakers as well as rear right, left, and center speakers. Therefore if you have a full surround sound system with 5 or more speakers you want to use digital sound. If you use the analog red and white cables you will not get the full effect of your sound system.

In summary you can use the same cables for digital and analog sound. If you have more than 3 speakers (front right, left, and center) then you should use digital output from your satellite or DVD player.