Disc Repair - How to fix scratched DVDs

May 19, 2017

Disc Repair - How to fix scratched DVDs

It seems most households have acquired a personal DVD collection. Some may even claim over one hundred DVDs. If you are like me, and have small children, it is inevitable that some of your DVD collection will become scratched or damaged. Here are three solutions for fixing and avoiding scratched and damaged DVDs.

The first and cheapest option is to buy a DVD Repair Kit. This kit contains a wax like DVD cleaner and a non abrasive cloth. You simply apply 3 to 4 drops of the cleaner and gently smooth it throughout the surface of the DVD. You then wait a minute or two to allow the cleaner to dry and then buff off the cleaner with non abrasive cloth. I personally have fixed many scratched DVDs that would not play in my DVD player using this method. This simple solution really does work!

The second solution on preventing scratched or damaged DVDs is to purchase a high capacity DVD changer. Sony sells a 400 DVD Changer for around400. Consider it as paying a few dollars of insurance for each DVD you own. This solution also provides a lot of convenience. You simply grab the remote, relax on the couch, and select your favorite movie. No opening and closing DVD cases. No more setting DVDs on top of your television because you don't take enough time to get the case. And most important, nor more pushing, pulling, and yanking DVDs in and out of case, which is the major cause of scratched DVDs. This solution is expensive, but it is also one of the best options for preventing scratched DVDs!

The third option to avoid scratched or useless DVDs is to buy DVD copying software. You simply make a personal copy of the original DVD and only use the copied disc. This way the original stays free of scratches. There have been several court battles between the legality of copying DVDs for personal use. Despite this, it seems when you type in "DVD copying software" on your favorite search engine, that many results will return. I tend to shy away from this option, but I know many people have successfully purchased software to make personal copies of DVDs. It is an option that is worth mentioning.