Gifts for Dads who have Everything

May 28, 2018

Gifts for Dads who have Everything

Sometimes looking for unique gift ideas for Dads can be difficult. The TV Blanket is the perfect gift because it is something that he would not normally know about, but love once he gets it. It is a large, soft, comfortable blanket that makes watching a movie or sporting event more fun! The TV Blanket is a double sided fleece blanket with 3 foot pockets for your feet. It also folds into a throw pillow. It comes in many different colors including team colors such a navy blue and white, or black and gray, or light blue and ivory.

Why Buy the TV Blanket for a Gift for Dad?

Simply put, it's a unique gift that he would not buy for himself. Lets face it, the perfect gift is something that you enjoy receiving that you normally would not go out and buy yourself. Things like electronics, sport equipment, tools, and clothes are things he is just going to go and buy because they take input on his part. However, the TV Blanket is something that he will open up and not fully understand how awesome it is, but once he uses it to watch a movie he will love it! Then each time he uses it he will realize how much he enjoys it - and he will think of you every time. The best gifts are those that last and can be enjoyed over and over again.

TV Blanket zoomed in on the 3 foot pockets

What exactly is the TV Blanket, and why will Dads love it?

The key to the awesomeness of the TV Blanket is the 3 foot pockets. They are about 18 inches by 18 inches each. This allows you to put both of your feet in a single pocket or one in each. The feet pockets keep your feet comfortable and helps the TV Blanket stay in place when you pull it up over your shoulders. Also the blanket is large enough for two adults to share. It's 6 feet long and over 5 feet wide. It is double sided so it has some weight to it which makes you feel enveloped as soon as you put it around you.

The feet pocket serves a dual purpose. The TV Blanket folds into the foot pocket and transforms into a soft large throw pillow. Then you can use the pillow as back support or grab when you have a lot of friends over and use it on the floor to keep comfortable. In the pillow form it looks great on the couch, is easily stored, and brightens up any room.

Also, everyone loves the TV Blanket. You will give Dad the gift of love as he snuggles into his favorite TV Blanket while watching his favorite sports team. Kids love the TV Blanket and will go for it over most any other blanket. Notice the pillow in the picture below. It's the TV Blanket folded into a pillow. They are large, soft, and comfortable pillows. Notice that the TV Blanket is big enough for 3 kids to easily share. How cool is this gift, you will instantly transform a room into something better by giving the gift of the TV Blanket!

Kids enjoying the TV Blanket

Dads will love the TV Blanket, its a unique gift that they will enjoy for years

The TV Blanket is unique in that it has 3 foot pockets, folds into a pillow, comes in many color options, is soft and comfortable, and is a large blanket. You won't find a better blanket for Dad! It is a gift he will use over and over again and think of you each time. So what are you waiting for? Check out the many color options we have available for purchase today. We ship every order within 1 business day so you can get it fast and on time for the perfect gift, boxed and and ready to give to the best Dad in the world.