Gray Throw Blanket that Folds into a Pillow

May 07, 2018

Gray Throw Blanket that Folds into a Pillow

The TV Blanket is a large throw blanket that looks great on your couch or chair.  It's soft and comfortable with 3 individual foot pockets on the bottom inside for your feet. The TV Blanket is 6 feet long and little over 5 feet wide, so you can easily share it with someone while watching TV or a move. This blanket also folds into a pillow which makes it versatile, in that it's both a throw blanket and a pillow.

The Perfect Throw Blanket

A good throw blanket should not only look beautiful, but it should also be comfortable and usable. Why have a throw blanket that just looks good, but isn't worth using? The following four qualities make for the best throw blanket.

  • Color and Look, needs to look great on the couch
  • Soft and Comfortable,the blanket should feel good when you use it
  • Large, needs to be large enough to share with someone else
  • Folds into a Pillow,versatile in that it can be a pillow or a throw blanket

Color and Look

A good throw blanket should look great on the couch. The gray TV Blanket is neutral color and looks nice on just about any couch color. The blanket has a clean feel to it and can soften up a leather couch. If gray isn't your color, the TV Blanket comes in many color options such as black, light blue, denim, navy blue, and other colors.

Grey Throw Blanket Up Close

Soft and Comfortable

The TV Blanket is a soft material with a nice 300 GSM weight which is higher quality then most fleece blankets. Its very comfortable and feels wonderful when you wrap yourself in the blanket.  It is double layered which makes it feel like it has some weight to it. 


This is not a small blanket! It is 72 inches long and 64 inches wide which makes it plenty big to share with another adult. Three kids can easily share one TV Blanket. So whether you are using the blanket for yourself or sharing it with someone else, its plenty big for any situation.

It Folds into a Pillow

The TV Blanket folds into the foot pocket to become a throw pillow so you can change things up a bit. So depending on your mood you can leave it as a throw over the couch or fold it into a pillow for a different look a feel. The cool thing about it, is you get to choose... no other throw blanket has that option!

Buy the perfect Gray Throw Blanket Now!

The TV Blanket is the best option for a versatile throw blanket. It looks great, is soft and comfortable, comes in gray (or grey depending on how you spell it) and many other color options, is large enough for 2 adults, and folds into a pillow.

Gray TV Blanket