Is 3D Worth It?

May 01, 2017

Is 3D Worth It?

Whenever I watch a preview for a new movie it always advertises "in 3D!" Is 3D really as awesome as the previews make it sound? When comparing 3D to 2D, you first have to take into account the movie you are watching. Some movies add a few 3D special effects just to advertise that it is 3D, but lack any real 3D quality. Others, such as Avatar, really spend a lot of money to enhance the 3D viewing experience of the movie. Typically most movies fall into the first category. You see few things at first and say "oh that's kind of cool" but you really just say it to feel like you are getting your money's worth. After 10 minutes or so you don't even notice any difference. In the end, I wouldn't have really cared if I had seen that show in 2D. I think most 3D movies don't live up to the hype. Now when you see the difference in prices, you will have to agree that going to a 2D show might be the better solution.

Typically, movie theatres charge $3 extra dollars for 3D per person. Consider a family of five going to the movies; that will cost an addition $15 dollars for watching the movie in 3D! Instead of going to that 3D show why not just watch it in 2D and get some candy, large soda, and tub of popcorn. In the end you'll spend the same as 3D, but enjoy some extra food which always makes the movie better. Or you can just watch the show in 2D and save yourself cash.

Also another disadvantage to 3D is the glasses. For many people the glasses can become really annoying during a movie. It is a pain to have something annoying you in a movie and even more so in the theaters. What also stinks is if you get tired of the 3D glasses, and take them off, the screen is blurry. Then some people need to wear 2 glasses during the show, their regular glasses to see, and your 3D glasses, which is 2x the annoyingness factor. Some people even get headaches from 3D glasses.

If you ever find yourself going to the movies again before you say, "Why not, let's watch Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D," think for second and consider what you could save with just getting 2D instead. Maybe some movies are worth the extra cost, but I would say that is a minority of movies. If you don't believe me ask other people on their opinion what they think about 3D. I bet they probably will say nothing more than "it's cool," or maybe even "don't do it, it isn't worth it." We encourage you to submit your comments below whether 3D is really worth the extra cost.