No TV in the Bedroom

December 22, 2017

Bed and TV

I know a lot of couples who have a television in their bedroom. Discipline, sleep issues, relationships, and money are my four top reasons of why I don't have a TV in my bedroom.

After a busy day it is very easy to come home, eat dinner, and then basically do nothing. Lets face it, sometimes life can be exhausting. This makes it very easy to justify turning on the television. I find that when I am at a hotel that the TV somehow always gets turned on (mostly by my kids). I believe that this same thing would happen if I had a television in my bedroom at my home. I personally think that we as a society already watch too much TV. Adding an additional TV set in your bedroom probably adds about an hour or two of extra time per day to this statistic.

I personally have a hard time going to sleep after watching a movie or TV show. I find that I need to talk to my wife for a little bit or read for about 30 minutes before I am ready to fall asleep. I have no scientific research to back this up, but I believe that those that fall asleep with the television on before bed don't sleep as well. Also I know of couples that have one who likes to watch TV at night while the other does not. Why would someone choose to have a TV in the bedroom when it can add strain to a relationship?

I find that before bed my wife and I have some great conversations. Now this doesn't happen every night, but sometimes we talk for an hour about the day, our kids, goals, or the future. I would say that the frequency and quality of these conversation would go down if we had a TV in our bedroom.

Finally, adding a TV in your bedroom has a cost. The TV itself costs money plus you have the additional monthly fee if you add a satellite receiver in your bedroom. And don't forget the DVD player and sound system. For me personally this added cost is one more reason why I don't have a TV in the bedroom.

I think it has been an excellent decision not to put a TV in the bedroom. I never have looked back and said, "I wish I would have been able to watch that TV show or movie and I just didn't get time." However, I look back and see the many great conversations I have had with my wife and all the good reading I have done and realize I am better off without a TV in my bedroom. Also, I do not want my teenagers to have a TV in their bedroom for many of the same reasons. It is a lot easier for them to not ask for a TV in their bedroom if I don't have one in my bedroom!