Oversized Throw Blanket, The TV Blanket is 72 inches by 64 inches

July 25, 2018

oversized blanket on couch

Lets face it, small blankets are not as fun as large oversized blankets. When you want a blanket, you want it large enough to pull up over your shoulders and feel completely enveloped. The TV Blanket is 72 inches long and 64 inches wide. Its large enough for two adults to comfortably share. The awesome thing about the TV Blanket is it has 3 individual pockets for your feet and it folds into a pillow.

The TV Blanket is a Large Blanket

First off, the TV Blanket is pretty much the largest blanket you will find online. As you can see in the picture above it's big enough for 3 kids. This makes watching a movie much more enjoyable. The blanket is double layered so it has some weight to it which makes it feel more comfortable. So whether using it on your own or sharing it with someone else, its going to work for any situation.

This Oversized Blanket has 3 Individual Pockets for your Feet

One of the coolest things about the TV Blanket is it has 3 individual foot pockets. This allows you to keep your feet comfortable while reading, watching TV, or just visiting with friends. When you pull the blanket up to your shoulders it stays in place. The 3 individual pockets makes it easy to share as each person can have their own foot pocket.

Blanket with pockets for your feet

The TV Blanket folds into a Pillow

Sometimes storing a large oversized blanket can end up adding to the pile of blankets on the side of your couch. The great thing about the TV Blanket is it easily folds into a throw pillow. It can be stored on your couch. With the many different color options you can find the perfect color fit for your couch. So either leave it as a throw blanket draped over your couch, or fold it up into a pillow. The cool thing is you have options with the TV Blanket.

 TV Blanket folded into a Pillow on a Chair

In summary the TV Blanket is a large, oversized, comfortable blanket that you can share with others. It has 3 individual foot pockets to keep your feet warm and comfortable. It's soft, looks great, and comes in many different colors. Lastly, it folds into a throw pillow for easy storage. So what are you waiting for, order your TV Blanket today!