Quillow for Sale, The TV Blanket is a Quillow with a Foot Pocket

May 21, 2018

Quillow for Sale, The TV Blanket is a Quillow with a Foot Pocket

A Quillow is a blanket that has a pocket so you can fold it into into a pillow. The term Quillow is a mix between the two words Quilt and Pillow. The term is more general now for a blanket that can be folded into a pillow.

The TV Blanket is a Quillow

The cool thing about the TV Blanket is it has all the properties of a Quillow and more. It has three individual foot pockets so your feet are comfortable and cozy while you read a book or watch a movie. The foot pockets also help keep the blanket in place and prevents your feet from sticking out... which can be annoying when you are trying to pull the blanket up to your shoulders to stay warm. The TV Blanket is double sided, which gives it some weight and makes it feel more comfortable as you wrap it around you. And of course the TV Blanket folds into a 18 inch by 18 inch soft comfortable pillow!

The TV Blanket is a Large Quillow

The TV Blanket is 72 inches long and 64 inches wide which makes it large enough for 2 adults or 3 kids. Its great to take to a sporting event because you can use it in the pillow form as a cushion on the hard stadium seats so your butt doesn't get sore. You can also unfold the blanket when it gets cold and share it with a partner because its big enough for multiple people. We offer several team colors so you can show extra spirit with your Quillow blanket colors!

Quillow Pillow

A Quillow makes any Room Look and Feel more Pleasant

Most rooms don't have a great place to store blankets. They usually end up on the side of a couch on the floor. The great thing about a Quillow is you can store it on the couch in the pillow form and it will add color to any room. Multiple Quillows make for a great looking throw pillow color pattern and can add warmth to any room.

Kids Love Quillows

When it comes to movie night the kids always go for the Quillows because of the foot pocket. The TV Blanket is a soft micro-plush fleece material that feels great. Also, the kids can each have their own foot pocket and share the blanket with a brother or sister. If you are watching a movie that can cause some fear, then the TV Blanket can offer some comfort during those scenes since it is large enough for any kid to pull over and cover their eyes.

Quillow and Kids

Quillow makes a Great Wedding Gift

Sometimes finding a good (and affordable) wedding gift can be a challenge. Rather than give another kitchen or bathroom appliance give a gift that they will enjoy for years. The TV Blanket is a great gift idea that will be sure to win the hearts of any couple. The fact that it can be shared by two adults makes it the perfect gift. Its unique that it has a foot pocket and folds into a pillow. You certainly will be remembered as a wonderful gift giver when you give the gift of the TV Blanket for any special occasion. 

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