TV Transcripts

April 29, 2017

TV Transcripts

Closed Captions can be used to generate TV transcripts with a minimal amount of hardware. Imagine capturing transcripts from your favorite TV show, sports event, or news program. It is a great way to gather information from television. All shows must be closed caption by law, which makes it possible to automatically create a transcript of any television show.

There is a large amount of data that is broadcasted during a television show besides that actual picture and sound. Part of the signal is a transcript of the show called Closed Captions. This information is embedded inside the signal during the "vertical blanking interface." By law all television shows are required to encode closed captioning into the video signal. This is a great tool to gather news, sports, or other information to be searched in a text document. It may be useful for research, business investment, or just a hobby to track a specific show. Whatever the reason, closed captions can be captured into a data file using a simple piece of hardware that connects to your personal computer.

The ATI Wonder Prois a PC stereo TV tuner and video capture peripheral. You simply install the card and user-friendly software onto your computer. Then connect your TV cable to the TV tuner card. Then sit back and enjoy up to 125 channels of high-quality television on your desktop PC. This product also accepts S-video and composite input and audio input.

Some of the features include watching TV in silence with the closed captioning solution. Scheduling and recording TV programs at any time. The MPEG-2 format allows you to store more than ever before using the same amount of disk space. It also has zoom-in, pan or freeze video actions. One of the best feature is called “TV magazine” which saves images and text from selected TV programs. You can use the images to enhance presentations, e-mails, web sites and other projects. You can automatically record program transcripts for business or school projects. The ATI Wonder Pro also features a real-time word notification feature to let you know when words or phrases are detected.

You need a video source that is accessible to your computer. If you have cable, then you can feed the source directly into the card. If you have a satellite receiver in a different room, you will need an Audio Video Sender which allows you to send a signal from your satellite receiver to your computer for TV transcript recording.

TV transcripts often cost money and are offered at the end of programming. If you find yourself interested in a certain show or topic than you need to get this TV recording device. It also saves you time. You can record the closed captions of certain shows and skip right to the important sections!