Unique Blanket Gift Idea Under $50

December 10, 2018

Unique Blanket Gift Idea Under $50

The TV Blanket is a unique gift idea that will certainly be a favorite. It will delight the person who has everything. This is because the TV blanket is one of a kind! It's unique as it has 3 individual pockets to keep your feet warm and comfortable and folds into a soft throw pillow.This is super cool because it makes the TV Blanket versatile and easy to store. It will look great on any couch as a throw pillow, and it can be easily unfolded into a large blanket which is perfect for watching TV or reading a book.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the TV Blanket makes the Perfect Gift Under $50

Reason #1 – The TV Blanket Looks and Feels Great

No one likes a scratchy and uncomfortable blanket. It will just end up in the corner somewhere and never used. The TV Blanket is a very soft fleece blanket with a 300 gsm (which means its better than many blankets on the market). Its has two layers which gives it some weight and makes you feel enveloped and secure. 

Reason #2 – The TV Blanket is Large enough to Share with your Favorite Person

Watching a movie is much more fun with someone else! The TV Blanket is large enough for 2 adults (it is 72 inches long and 64 inches wide). This way you can pull up the blanket over your shoulders and still keep your feet in the pockets. You don’t want to buy a small blanket, and the TV Blanket will not disappoint as it's one of the largest blankets available online.

Blanket with three kids

Reason #3 – The TV Blanket has 3 individual pockets for your Feet

The reason for the 3 pockets is two-fold. First, it keeps your feet warm and comfortable. It also keeps the blanket in place when you pull it up over your shoulders. The second reason for the 3 individual pockets is to allow it to be folded into a large throw pillow (18 inch by 18 inch). The pillow allows you to add some color to your couch or chair and adds warmth to any room.

Blanket with Foot Pockets

Reason #4 – The TV Blanket folds into a Soft Throw Pillow

Sometimes you don’t need a blanket and just want a pillow for laying on the floor to visit and talk with friends. The TV Blanket is both a pillow and a large blanket. This makes it unique and something that will be a favorite gift for everyone! Most homes have a corner that is just full of blankets (and usually ends up overflowing and looking messy). The TV Blanket solves this messy corner issue because it folds into a pillow and easily stores on your couch or favorite chair.

The picture below is the TV Blanket folded into a ivory throw pillow

TV Blanket folded into a Pillow

Reason #5 – The TV Blanket is an Awesome Gift because they will remember you when they use it

The TV Blanket is the first thing our kids grab on movie night. They love it! Now think of someone remembering you each time they grab the blanket. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! So what are you waiting for? Check out the many color options, choose your favorite (or why not pick up two colors) and get the perfect gift idea for under $50 ordered today!

Shipping Times; as it is important to know when it will arrive!

If you order before noon (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday we will ship it that same day. Otherwise, it will go out the next business day. See shipping times and map below for more details on when it will arrive at your door.

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  • Three Days:Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Texas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
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TV Blanket Shipping Times