It started when I found myself muting every television commercial. As an electrical engineer I created, tested, and developed an electronic device that automatically blocked the sound and put up a black-box on the television screen during commercial advertisements. Several units were built and sold. Sales were doing quite well. As digital video recorders (DVRs) became more ubiquitous, the need for a commercial blocking device became less needed as DVRs can skip past commercials. Therefore, I made the decision to stop production of the device which was called the TVBlanket. The name originally stood for throwing a “blanket” over the TV during commercials.

During this business adventure I learned quite a bit about everything and anything related to television. I started writing articles and ideas about television and improving home entertainment. The site did well and had thousands of visitors a month. Then late 2016 the site was hacked and visits dropped off.

So I decided to move the site to Shopify and see if I could regain some status. I also decided to actually start selling TV Blankets... since the name fit nicely!